Many of the stories gathered for Catching Stories have been about overcoming obstacles put down by the various infectious disease. And people’s resilience, and how even being put through horrifying circumstances, they prevailed to have a good life. Sadly this is not true of every story. For many, the ultimate price of contracting devastating infectious diseases was death. In this section, we hear how the death and loss of family and friends affected the ones they left behind.

Three deaths in a year

Johnny ‘Chris’ Kelleher’s account of how he came into a career in newspaper selling starts with a tale of devastating familial loss. 
Johnny was born in 1929 in Fair Lane, later called Wolfe Tone Street. His mother, Mary Margaret Kelleher (1901 – 1970) was married twice; her first husband died of Tuberculosis in 1924. In this excerpt, Johnny tells of his mother being widowed and having further tragedy fall upon her family. Where she lost two of her sons, one to Diptheria and one to Croup.
This interview was conducted by Michael Daly