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We are interested in all sorts of experiences of communicable disease, in stories and memories long and short, in photos, objects, written accounts, and in oral testimony. We would like to include submissions in our online resource, Catching Stories, or in our archives. Currently, Catching Stories includes oral testimony on the experience of vaccination, tuberculosis, polio and measles, family memories of the Spanish Flu, along with commentary on the history of infectious disease and vaccination in Ireland. We are ready to expand the project and are looking for expressions of interest from the public to get involved and share their experiences. This might include:

  • memories from Cork or any other area
  • direct experience, stories handed down in families, community stories
  • experiences as patients, family members, healthcare workers, or recipients of healthcare and vaccination
  • the impact of ill health or death on families and communities
  • experiences from healthcare settings (e.g. tuberculosis sanatoria)
  • accounts of the effects of disease or disease prevention on neighbours, friends and the broader community
  • images or (pictures of) objects related to these themes
  • the experience of particular epidemics
  • anything else that comes to mind.

You can submit an expression of interest, no matter how small or large-scale, here, and we will be delighted to contact you to follow up.

Alternatively, if you have comments on how we might make the resource more accessible or useful to you, please do get in contact by commenting in the form.